Creating interactive applications and digital media

This is the journey a book takes to transform itself from a paper print book to a digital interactive book for the iPad.

Client: Demibooks/Kane Miller Publishers 

It’s Almost Time

Written by Debbie la Croix Bernstein
Illustrated by Sarah Chalek

Steps to convert a paper print book to pixels

Step 1 

We start with a paper print book’s digital files. Which will be scanned or in print ready Illustrator or PDF files.
These files will then be edited and layered.

Step 2 

Now we convert flat images to animated frames and flat backgrounds.
These files will be exporter to build the Interactive Book Application.

Step 3 

Once converted to iPad compatible files, we start building the book on the iPad.

Step 4

Now the book is finished ready for the Apple App Store

It's Almost Time

Interactive Book App is avalible in the Apple App store follow this link to Storytime below
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